Ways of Listening

Ways of Listening centres on a conversation between Berger and Tilda Swinton in his snow-bound kitchen in the village of Quincy. Friends and collaborators since the 1980s, they use Berger’s poems and drawings to explore elements of their shared experience, and speak frankly about fathers, history and passing on generational experience.



Duration: 25:57

Produced by the Derek Jarman Lab and the University of Pittsburgh

Music by Simon Fisher Turner
Edited by Christopher Roth
Written by Tilda Swinton
Directed by Colin MacCabe
Executive Producers: Steven Connor and Tilda Swinton
Producers: Lily Ford and Colin MacCabe

Image: Filipa César
Camera: Nick Ward
Sound: Walter Stabb
Production: Lily Ford

Litchfield Street
LCTV editors:
Pedro Castelo, Boukje Cnossen, Mika Kioussis, Jane Levi, Walter Stabb and Lucy van de Wiel
Tutor: Paul Carlin
Director of LCTV: Paul Craddock
Deputy Director: Bartek Dziadosz

Cook: Flavia Lambert

Post Production: Walter Stabb
Post Production Facilities: VET
Sound Mix: VET Sound
Dubbing Mixers: Steve Chase

Many thanks to Beverly Bancroft, Sandro Kopp, Lina Hakim, Elia Ntaousani, Sarah Joshi, Seph Rodney, Patrizia Lombardo, Alex Mackintosh, Kathleen Pullum, Eliza Mellor, Jonathan Law, Barry Curtis, Shaun Bertram, Recorded Picture Company, 72film, Silicon Valley Community Foundation and Pannonia Foundation

Painting: ‘Two Figures’ by Yves Berger
Clips: Play me Something, Timothy Neat and John Berger (1989)
Baader, Christopher Roth (2002)

© 2015 The Derek Jarman Lab